• Jordan Norris

Senior Ruby Engineer | Fin-Tech Start-Up | Fully Remote (3hrs +/-) | £75,000

We are looking to hire 2 x Senior Ruby Engineers to work with a modern "event-driven architecture" for a purpose-driven Start-up helping thousands of customers save money.

Fully remote opportunity (3 hours +/- GMT) with 1 trip to London per quarter.

The business:

  • We exist to help people go from Debt to Savings without stress.

  • We invented the concept of subscription finance. Interest-free loans in exchange for a membership fee.

  • We want to be the good guys in the lending space in response to overdrafts, payday lending and credit cards debt.

  • We just doubled our customer base in Q1 2021 from 10k paying members to 20k and lent more than £10 million in the process.

  • Compared to many other start-ups we know what profitability looks like; we just need the economies of scale now.

Why Join?

  • A Positive Mission: help people to go from debt to savings without stress.

  • An Exciting Architecture: Event sourcing, on Ruby/Rails

  • A Healthy Tech Stack: compared to many other start-ups we did grow the tech side of the business responsibly, making sure it did stay in good shape. It's a pleasure to work on our product.

  • An Opportunity to Own a Business Capability: many capabilities of the business are still in the inception phase. APIs, Stability Hub, Loan servicing, Open Banking to name a few. Joining now is an opportunity to shape the architecture and team behind these capabilities.

Who do we need?

  • One to be Product-oriented; funnels, acquiring customers, understands the value of good UX, interested about the business problem.

  • One to be Scalability oriented; Backoffice operations, be able to analyse trade-offs and understand the requirements of non-technical stakeholders, excited about efficiency and tooling to empower the customer service team.

For more info please reach out via email or call Grit Tech Talent on 01491 913 993

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